Key Things to Find Out Before Having a Liability Waiver Drawn-Up

There are all kinds of reasons people decide they need to have liability waivers drawn-up. Sometimes business owners need to have contractors sign these documents before they enter a worksite, sometimes clients have to sign them before doing an escape room or going skydiving, and sometimes people who are interested in playing in local sports leagues have to sign sports waivers. No matter why you need to have some waivers created, there are a few important things you ought to learn from your lawyer first.

As you read the rest of this guide, you'll see information that will help you know exactly what to ask your attorney before he or she creates the sports or business liability waivers you require at this time. You may find that you already know the answers to some of these questions and that's okay. General guides, such as this one, are meant to be used by a wide range of people, so it's quite possible that not every piece of advice will apply to you.

Do You Specialize in a Particular Kind of Waiver?

Most legal professionals have the ability to draft waivers of all kinds for their clients. Some, however, specialize in putting together certain types of waivers. If, for instance, you're in need of sports waivers for a youth soccer league, it would probably be a good idea to work with an attorney who has done this type of work before. Since the participants themselves can't sign the waivers, there are specific forms of syntax that need to be used, buy liability waiver here!

How Much Will I Owe You?

Every attorney charges a different sum to put together a liability waiver. Some will do this sort of work very cheaply, while others charge a pretty penny. The amount you owe will somewhat depend upon how challenging your waiver is. Certain business liability waivers, for instance, can get extremely complicated and might take extra time to draw-up. If this is the case with your project, you can expect to pay a bit more than you would have had to otherwise.  For further details regarding liability waivers, check out .

Can I Get a Digital Copy of My Waiver?

The digital waiver is certainly the wave of the future. Instead of waiting in line to sign paperwork upon arrival at your business or your special event, people can use e-signatures to register online instead. It also saves money because you no longer have to print dozens of liability waivers ahead of time. Instead, you can email a single link to your sports liability waiver to everyone on your mailing list.